WuToWu #5: Schedules

Hi Jessica.

Don’t worry about becoming super stressed because of other people. Sophomore year is harder, and you’ll have to do more work than you did last year to feel prepared for exams and stuff. I think you’ll be able to figure it out. Don’t let the man get you down!

Now that my summer is truly coming to an end (Shopping week starts tomorrow), I’m starting to feel some of that stress as well. I’m pretty sure what I’m going to be taking (Life Sciences 1a, Math 21a, Government 20, Ethical Reasoning 39) and I’m glad none of those classes are known for being super difficult, because there’s a lot of other stuff I’m going to be doing! I’ve already met with two Christian Fellowships, I’m auditioning for 4 (maybe 5) Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club shows, 3 (maybe four) a cappella groups, and the Holden Choirs. I’ve also got a real job with a weekly paycheck cleaning bathrooms in Winthrop house. And I want to do intramurals.

I suppose I’m fulfilling the stereotype of being a freshman that takes on too much, but I think that I should take this opportunity now to explore a bunch of things, then cut back to the stuff that I’m really interested in. I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to make some more friends through these activities. I’ve become friends with the people in my dorm (most of our entryway is quiet, and quite a few of us play musical instruments and are considering medical school), but I haven’t really gotten to know anyone outside of my dorm. As my roommate put it, “It’s hard to get to know some one just from meeting them at the dining hall.”

To finish on a lighter note, I went to the Crimson Key Society’s showing of Love Story, a terrible 70’s romantic-comedy-tragedy (spoilers) shot in and around Harvard. As the movie played, people shouting things at the screen and acted things out, much like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. That was pretty entertaining. I hope everything is puttering along just fine back home, and you’ll have to tell me how our friend does as he reprises his role as Jack in The Stinky Cheese Man.



One thought on “WuToWu #5: Schedules

  1. It used to be called Moral Reasoning back in the 80’s, but perhaps Ethical Reasoning is supposed to have a broader scope than Morality.

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