WutoWu #4:Computer Languages and Candy Bars

Hi Curtis! So only the first week of school is over even though it feels like I’ve been in school for months. (I could use another summer break right now).

i quite enjoyed your last post. I also really liked the word you made up. “Dxpressing” (?) Is it depressing taken to the x power or is simply a mistype? The world will never know.

I know that you’re posts are usually structured in a way that you take a relatable subject and then get really deep and sophisticated, but that’s what my English homework is for.

So instead, here is a conversation that I overheard at school. To make things more interesting, I have replaced the languages with types of candy bars.

“Which did you learn first?”

“Oh, you know, Milky Way.”

“Really? But everyone knows that Snickers is easier.”

“Well yeah, but my dad told me that if I learned Milky Way then it would be easier to learn 3 Musketeers later.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true. But don’t you have also learn 100 grand as well?”

“Yeah, but it’s still easier than learning Snickers.

Ah, to live in Silicon Valley.

Let’s see, what else has happened?

Stage Tech is starting up again. It was fun to show the freshman around the theater. I’m hoping to be set designer and assistant stage manager for the fall show. I know it’s a lot of work, but I’ll try to limit my caffeine intake.

French is still confusing as ever. It’s gotten to the point where the french grammar is harder than the English grammar. It might just be that I subconsciously understand it in English but as soon as we switch to french I have no idea.

Je ne sais pas.

I don’t know if it’s that societal pressures are finally getting to me, but I’ve been stressing a lot more about quizzes and assignments. I mean, I had 3 quizzes already and each one has caused a significant amount of stress.

Onto Cambridge.

I hope you’re finding your doom nice; I’ll send you the poster as soon as it arrives. I hope your roommate is nice and even though they’re in MENSA, hopefully they aren’t too intimidating.

One more thing. In your next post, can I get a review of the PMT place? You might need to try a wide variety of their drinks to get an accurate reading. (Just helping those freshman 15 along).



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