WuToWu#2: Why so syllabus?

School started at 7:10 on August 18, 2014. Fact.

While true, you don’t learn that the gym was locked and that I was nearly run over by a car while trying to cross the road. Sadly, also facts. 

After the least physically painful PE class of the year, it was off to my academic classes.

This year, I have an interesting mix. There’s my history teacher who coached our swim team. There’s also your former English teacher. I was only compared to you twice, so that’s a good sign hopefully. While there were differences between each of them, there was one thing that was exactly the same in every single one. 

Syllabus after syllabus after syllabus. 

They each said pretty much the same thing too: don’t cheat, try your hardest, and your teachers are here to help you.

And with the paper signed by you and your guardian, you start class. I guess it’s good that there are expectations placed on the  teacher and the student so that each knows what to do, but at the same time, there’s a certain monotony that comes from signing 8 syllabuses in a row. Your eyes start to skip lines, words get all jumbled up in your mind, and you blindly sign the “I have read and agree to the ——–“. 

Lastly, living in silicon valley, I was given the same “An “A” is not the only acceptable grade” speech by the majority of my teachers. While I do agree with this, I believe with the social stigma that receiving anything below an A is partly… my fault. Or more specifically, me and my peers. For most of us, our parents also push us to receive good grades but another big, arguably bigger, factor is the pressure from our peers. 

This is why, this year I am going to focus more on whether I am understanding the material and not worrying as much as what my grades are. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to completely disregard my grades with the excuse that I understand the separation of powers, but in past years, there have been times where I haven’t had to completely understand the information to get the grade that I wanted. Hopefully this year I can work on that. 

One note on your post: I know high school is a different type of learning, but one thing never changes. After a summer of being lazy, focusing for 90 minutes is tough. 

I hope you’re having fun cleaning dorms and making fun. Hopefully you’re doing more of the latter. 




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