Introducing “The Angsty Stagehand”

I never took journalism in high school. However, that isn’t going to stop me from posting the first interview I’ve ever conducted. My questions are a bit awkward and the transitions abrupt (I have a tendency to say “I understand”), but I’ve learned a bit about the process, and hopefully it will turn out better next time. The interviewee commented that she seemed to be “a more subdued version of herself,” a statement with which I agree.

The purpose of the interview, aside from the educational experience, is to introduce a change in the structure of the blog. In the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to be inviting another blogger to contribute to this site. This blogger happens to be my sister, and she had the idea of using the blog to communicate long distance over the school year. What follows is partly an introduction to herself and her blog, and partly an introduction to the changes that are going to happen on this side.

mostlyusefulmusings (M): Please state your name, grade, and occupation.

theangstystagehand (T): My name’s Jessica, I’m going into 10th grade, and…I don’t know what my occupation is.

(M): Just state your current occupation.

(T): I don’t know what it is…I don’t work…I’m a swim instructor during the summer.

(M): So how’s this summer been for you?

(T): Um, pretty Good. I was working though, so I didn’t have a whole lot of free time.

(M): OK. Highlights?

(T): We went to Chicago on a family vacation, that was fun.

(M): Alright, cool. So explain your idea for a blog.

(T): A blog…I don’t know, it was just kind of a…like the double one?

(M): Yes.

(T): It would be like writing ideas for – with the primary purpose – for the other person to reply, but also to incite ideas from others.

(M): And I understand that this idea was partially inspired by the vlogbrothers Youtube channel. Is that correct?

(T): Yeah, well…

(M): So how did you originally happen upon this Youtube channel?

(T): They were featured on Youtube’s “Featured” page, when they still had a featured page, this is circa 2012.

(M): And do you have other friends who are fans and are involved with this Youtube channel?

(T): Yeah. I have a couple.

(M): What other entertainment things are you interested in?

(T): Entertainment things…you’re going to have to be a little more specific.

(M): Other Youtube channels, books, movies…

(T): There’s too many Youtube channels; would you like me to get my iPod and scroll through my subscriptions for you?

(M): No thanks. Um…We’re coming up to the end of the summer, school’s going to start in a little less than two weeks. So what are your hopes/concerns/thoughts about next year?

(T): Well, I’m taking more interesting classes this year, I’m kind of worried about the course load, and about the amount of work and everything, but, it should be good.

(M): Sounds good. How about at home? In understand that one of your siblings is going off to college next year *hint hint*

(T): Yeah, you’re going to be gone, so I’m taking over your room.

(M): You mentioned that you were a swim instructor. Are you planning on continuing swimming in high school?

(T): Well, I swam last year on varsity and hopefully I’ll swim again on varsity. Hopefully I’ll swim all four years, that’ll be nice.

(M): You’re also, as I understand it, the scenic designer for one of the plays at the high school. Can you elaborate on that a bit?

(T): I was the in-training scenic designer, but the actual scenic designer was stage managing the play, so she didn’t actually help paint or design at any point. Pretty much, an adult told me where to paint, and I painted, and I got my name put in the program.

(M): So what are your plans for the upcoming year in terms of stage tech?

(T): I’m designing the backdrop for The Stinky Cheese Man, so I’ll be listed as the scenic designer for that show. And that’s about it.

(M): Very Nice. So I understand that your newly created blog is titled “The Angsty Stagehand.” Do you have any ideas about potential ideas that will be posted on that blog?

(T): Um. Let’s see…Existential crises, angsty teenager stuff, and the occasional rant about things that I don’t like in my First World household.

(M): That sounds awesome.

And there you have it! Unlike the vlogbrothers, we don’t have a catchy name for this system yet (suggestions welcome in the comments), but it will be starting up in exactly 10 days. Check out “The Angsty Stagehand” for a post about the ground rules of this enterprise, which will be decided upon in the very near future.


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