I’m Short

This isn’t going to be an analysis of how my height has led to some deep-seated inferiority complex that makes me want to destroy tall people. I just thought it would be fun to make some notes about the various pros and cons of being short which I’ve experienced in my life. (Also, this serves as practice for writing Buzzfeed articles. And yes, there is a Buzzfeed article about being short. I looked it up.)

1. Con: You’re too short to go on any amusement park rides.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pro: You have an excuse (if you’re like me) to avoid going on terrifying, stomach-lurching, brain-scrambling rollercoasters.

2. Con: You can’t intimidate your younger sister’s future boyfriend.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pro: You can look up to more people, both literally and figuratively. It also gives your neck muscles a good workout for when you’re sitting too close to the screen at the movie theater or watching fireworks.

3. Con: You’ll almost never play a romantic or dramatic lead.

Source: imagehdbackgrounds.com

Source: imagehdbackgrounds.com

Pro: You can play teenager roles until you’re 30.

4. Con: People use you as a shoulder rest.

Pro: You can fit on pretty much any bed.

5. Con: You can’t reach things on high shelves, or sometimes that machine in the parking garage that gives you tickets.


Pro: You rarely hit your head on low-hanging chandeliers, low doorways, or badly placed chin-up bars.

6. Con: When acquiring a five hour energy, the person has to ask how old you are. (True story, happened at the five hour energy booth at the Orange County Fair)


Source: bevwire.wordpress.com

Pro: People underestimate your age. Mwahahahah.

7. Con: People accuse you of having a Napoleon Complex.

Pro: You have a Napoleon Complex.

8. Con: It takes you a few more strides to get around.

Source: imgur.com

Pro: The world is a little bigger, and a little more impressive.

And there you are. Also, I found this interesting NPR article, which you can read here if so inclined.


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