An Open Letter to my Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!

Having spent 18 years as your son (and looking forward to many more),  there are a few things I’ve learned:

  1. You have a love-hate relationship with making me lunches for school.
  2. You spend about a fifth of every day being a chauffeur. (Until I could bike and drive. Then you only had to spend an eighth of a day in the car.)
  3. You sometimes get our names mixed up. (That’s ok. I called several of my elementary school teachers “Mom” on accident.)
  4. You make really good cheesecakes, steaks, fried rice, and frozen dumplings.
  5. You can, and will, strike up a conversation with anyone.
  6. You’ve taught me how to hold up my side of a conversation.
  7. Being a PTA president of an elementary school is like being the President of the United States, with the notable absence of Air Force One and country-wide judgment (which is confined to your neighborhood).
  8. You can run farther than I can. (Both when I was born and at the present moment.)
  9. Being a mom takes a lot of energy and patience.
  10. I won’t be able to repay you for what you’ve sacrificed for me.

This year does mark a bit of a departure in your mothering, and I’m very grateful for all the things you’ve taught me. You are a source of common sense and comfort in the craziness of late adolescence, and thanks to you I will remember to make good choices.

Lots of Love,



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