First Quarter Report: Reflections and Changes

Wow! It’s been two and a half months since I started this blog, so I thought this would be an opportune time to reflect on progress thus far.  Strictly speaking, a quarterly report should come on March 31, but most college decisions come out shortly before then, and I may not be in the proper mental state to write a blog post. I hope I won’t be too affected by the results, but I don’t trust myself at this point. Here we go!

Reflections: I have six posts thus far. This is unsatisfactory. The original intent for this blog was to force me to write more, and in terms of sheer quantity, it has succeeded. However, almost all of the posts have been unedited, or superficially edited at most. They have also been shorter than what I had hoped. Finally, there is a lack of fiction on the page, which I find disheartening. I have been participating in a playwright project recently, which may be the topic of a future post. Still, I would like to continue working on fiction.

Moving on to more positive aspects, I’m pleased with the breadth of topics on the page thus far, and feel like the blog is doing a good job of acting as a digital journal. I’m hopeful for the future of this project, and I think the changes I’m going to make will help improve this webpage. Speaking of which, here are some of the changes:

  • I made it my goal to write once every two weeks, which has worked for the most part. However, now that some other extra-curricular activities are winding down, I hope to write more, and will be trying to post once a week from now on.
  • More fiction! I’m not exactly sure how copyright and intellectual property function with a blog post (probably should have read the Terms & Conditions a bit more carefully). However, I’m toying with the idea of having a regular “column” dedicated to fiction, with a new 500-word chapter coming every other week.

I have some more ideas, but we’ll see how the above changes work for now.super_squirrel

You read through the entire post (or skipped to the bottom). Have a super squirrel. He’s here to help writers everywhere, but mostly second-semester seniors.


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