A Resolution for the New Year

Happy New Year everybody.

I never really made a serious New Year’s Resolution until last year, when I decided to floss my teeth everyday. If you’re curious, I’ve kept the resolution. Anyways, this year’s resolution is to learn how to write. In order to accomplish that, and also to become more social media savvy, I created this blog.

There are several reasons I’ve chosen to use a blog instead of some other form of writing. After all, there are a lot of other ways to improve your writing, from paying attention in English class to reading good authors and writing plays. I see a blog as a good way to maintain some accountability for the quality of my writing while forcing myself to write more. I have a tendency to give up on my work because I’m dissatisfied with a small problem that in retrospect probably could have been fixed with minimal effort. Knowing that other people will (hopefully?) be reading this will help me be disciplined in fixing and identifying problems. At the same time, a public blog makes me take ownership of the writing I post and creates accountability for writing in a timely manner.

Now, I chose to undertake this project partly because I’m finally a second semester senior, and I think I have a lot more free time than I actually do. Like the majority of New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve promised to do much more than I probably will accomplish, and I will consider this blog a success if I manage to post with some regularity until I start school in the fall. The other reason I’m creating this blog now is because I’m going through a significant period of my life, by anyone’s standards. I’ll be choosing where I want to go to college, graduating from high school, and learning what it’s like to be a little more independent. This blog will also act as a journal, even though it won’t be as comprehensive as a private diary. Maybe an older and wiser Curtis will look back on this page and remember what he was like as a 17-year-old. I just hope he’ll have a good amount of writing to read.

I really can’t tell you what will appear on this page, or how often it will be updated. But I have high hopes, and if you want to follow me on while I undertake a quest for better writing and personal growth, be my guest.


P.S. This post was a bit serious. There will be more lighthearted fare in the future.


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